Quality & Safety


Quality is not a single action, but every activity which makes up the final day-to-day construction project from day one until final completion.

At Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction, we proactively plan and diligently manage each and every component of your project, through thoughtful and clear design documents, keen attention to detail, regular meetings to further synergize the efforts of every member of the team and dutiful execution of every project element.


As stated in our Company’s “Approach to Safety and Health Policy” Statement, everyone benefits from good workplace safety practices. Conversely, lack of safety on the construction site can result in needless accidents, causing pain and suffering to our employees and their families. Such accidents and injuries can also result in decreased company performance and productivity.

Cobblestone’s commitment to safety on the job is absolute and uncompromising. Under the direction of both the Company President and our Safety Officer, every employee is charged with the responsibility of maintaining a safe work environment, and is actively encouraged to think and act safe.

Each employee is also expected to participate in and carry out company safety programs, to accept and contribute to Company training programs and safety in-services, and to make suggestions for improving the Company’s methods of performing hazardous duties in a safe manner. Every employee at Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction receives a copy of our Approach to Safety and Health Policy Statement mentioned above, and is also required to read our Safety Policy Manual immediately upon their start of employment, to ensure that every employee is fully aware on Day 1 the expectations and requirements of our safety program. We also offer on-going safety training and education for all employees.

As outlined in our Safety Policy Manual, the purpose of our Safety Program is to:

  • Help minimize accident potential to all employees
  • Provide employees with our expectations regarding safety
  • Provide guidelines for supervisor training regarding job conditions and safe work practices
  • Help minimize the impacts of on the job accidents
  • Affirm conformance with all OSHA CFR – 29-1926 regulations as well as all logical regulations
  • Provide a safe work environment for all persons employed by the Company.

Safety is a continual process involving 100% participation by everyone involved in the construction process, and it receives top priority at Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction. Correspondingly, our safety program applies to all Company employees, subcontractors and suppliers/vendors alike. The company maintains a mandatory pre-employment drug screening program for all employees, as well as a zero tolerance drug screening policy, both prior to the start of employment as noted previously as well as relating to post-accident drug screens.

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