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General Contractor in Henderson, NV

For businesses or homeowners in Henderson, NV a general contractor needs to provide quality, timely work. Otherwise, they can result in heavy costs to you. For example, a poorly handled project could mean a do-over, which in turn means hiring a new contractor to remedy the mistakes made by the first. In addition, poor time management can also be costly, especially when it delays a move-in or impedes daily business operations.

Fortunately, Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction provides the quality you need for your project. We make sure the job is done on time and in accordance with high standards of quality.



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Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction was founded on principles of integrity, honesty, and quality. We have completed numerous projects as a general contractor in Henderson, NV, including remodels, tenant improvements, and ground-up construction. With each project, we work with you to ensure quality results. We do this through:

  • Attention to every detail
  • Thorough planning
  • Regular collaboration through meetings
  • Clear design protocols and documentation
  • High emphasis on safety

We strive to perform our best work throughout every stage of the process, from consultation and planning to the finishing touches. Whether you need a full renovation or some tenant improvements, Henderson, NV has no better resource for general contracting needs.


Time Management

Your time is valuable. You want to make sure construction or tenant improvements don’t interfere with business as usual, whether you’re looking to kick things off with a timely opening, move into a new home, or continue serving clients during interior renovations. We work with you to develop a plan that works well with your schedule. That way, you don’t experience inconvenient—and expensive—delays that often accompany the work of other contractors.

In addition, a customized work schedule will allow us to avoid interfering with your daily operations. Let’s face it—customers are far less likely to have a pleasant experience at your place of business with the constant noise of construction going on in the same room. We adapt our schedule to avoid those business deterrents.



Traditionally, you would work with a designer and a general contractor to complete tenant improvements and other construction projects. This means coordinating two different parties and acting as a middleman between the designer and contractor. Naturally, this leads to a great deal of disconnect and conflict, with contractors and designers leveraging excuses to pass the blame for setbacks.

Design-build, on the other hand, rolls the functions of designer and contractor into one entity. Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction handles both design and construction, which yields the following benefits:

  • Easy communication between designers and construction teams
  • Fewer conflicts and accompanying setbacks
  • Unified contracts and recommendations

Ultimately, these benefits reduce the cost and risk to you when undertaking a construction project. With our design-build approach, we give you greater value and more consistent quality than otherwise possible.


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You have many options to choose from in Henderson, NV for tenant improvements or general contracting, but not all are committed to your satisfaction. Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction provides the careful attention and prompt work your project deserves. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your project.


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