Harry Reid International Airport – CB2 Rotunda – Terminal Remodel

This is a very complex project that clearly displays the multifaceted abilities of Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction. This project is a complete remodel to an airport concourse that supports several airlines, flight gates, retailers, vendors, and travelers. Due to the size of the project and work constraints associated with airport operations it was divided into 3 phases: Building Remodel, Lavatory Remodel and Rooftop Crossovers. For the Building Remodel the contract required the removal of the floor and ceiling finishes, new metal and gypsum ceiling and light, carpet installation, removal and replacement window walls, removal and replacement of HVAC system, rework of existing fire sprinkler system, security detection and alarms, painting, architectural casework, scaffolding and protection-in-place of tenant improvement. All of which were performed without disruption of flights. The Lavatory Remodel required the demolition and refinishing of dual restrooms, 1,200 square feet each, new plumbing, fixtures, finishes, lighting and HVAC ductwork and terminations. Rooftop Crossovers involved providing and installing 12 manufactured galvanized crossover systems over existing roof mounted ductwork, plus three elevated walkways.

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