Our Team

Raymond Nelson – Safety Director

Raymond Nelson has worked in Construction/Safety for over 15 years. Born and raised in Charleston, SC.  Mr. Nelson attended South Carolina State University and has worked as an OSHA Outreach Trainer for 3 years. He is also a Member of the NASP (National Association of Safety Professionals) and IASP(International Association of Safety Professionals).

“Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility”. These words have been a main core value for Mr. Nelson and Cobblestone Construction for over 15 years. As the Safety Manager Mr. Nelson has been able to work with and through management to ensure compliance with safety and environmental procedures to assist in the achievement of profitability/productivity requirements. ​

Ed Howard – Construction Manager

Ed Howard has over 30 years of experience in Project/Engineering and Construction Management.   Having managed countless multi-million dollar projects to satisfaction, Ed has perfected the art of communication, project control, budget tracking, coordination and scheduling, quality control, job safety standards, trouble shooting and general project oversight.

Serving in the USAF for more than 25 years, Ed was the acting Director of Engineering, Project Engineer, and Testing Manager, for the Air Force performing criteria development, design, design management and reviews among others. Add being a father of seven and we know Ed is the epitome of calm under pressure.

Jenery E. Guion – Civil Engineering

Jenery Guion has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Western Institute of Technology and was born and raised in the Philippines. Speaking 3 languages fluently, Jenery has over 30 years of experience Managing, Supervising, and Inspecting Heavy Civil Works, from Airport Runways & Taxiways, Building Improvements, Power & Desalination Plant, Concrete & Steel Bridges, Commercial Buildings and Inter-State Highways, focusing on the Structural and Civil disciplines. Jenery’s projects have ranged from $200 Million to $1.2 Billion in value.

Working with Benchmark Contracting for over 5 years, Jenery brings an abundance of construction experience as well. From Post-Tension Cast-in-place Concrete Viaducts and Parking Structures, Bolted Steel and Deck Pan Viaducts, Reinforced Concrete Structures to Retained Fill Roadways with MSE Panels, High Performance Concrete Overlays, Cementitious and Epoxy Grout. A well spring of knowledge in both Civil and Structural disciplines, Jenery brings a vast level of expertise to many of the Benchmark Contracting projects.

Patricia Estevez – Office Manager

 Patricia Estevez joined the team at Benchmark Contracting 3 years ago, bringing with her 23 years of Accounting and Administrative experience combined with 9 years as a Systems Analyst. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ms. Estevez grew up in Madrid, Spain and is fluent is 2 languages. Serving as the Benchmark Contracting Office Manager, Ms. Estevez handles all bookkeeping, accounts payable/receivable, financial reports including WIP, cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, reconciliation bank statement and job costing. A mind for numbers, and seemingly endless energy, Ms. Estevez also handles payroll, insurance, subcontractor payments, bonds, Bid documents and more.



 Priscilla Hatch – Executive and Personnel Assistant

As a native of Las Vegas and a graduate of the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts, Priscilla Hatch comes to Benchmark Contracting with nearly 20 years of experience in Administration and Client Services. Ms. Hatch currently serves as the Executive and Personnel Assistant for Benchmark, handling a multitude of administrative and human resource responsibilities. With experience including the Flamingo Hilton, Mandalay Bay, Planet Hollywood and Trump Towers over the course of 15 years, Priscilla gained invaluable experience in all things client related. Excited to broaden her professional horizons in the Construction Industry, Ms. Hatch is a valuable addition to the Benchmark Contracting team. A wife and mother, Ms. Hatch lives animatedly and passionately, looking forward to every day and to contributing to the success of Benchmark Contracting.




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