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Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction is a full-service General Contractor committed to providing our clients with distinctive service. We specialize in educational facilities, development centers, airport facilities, military facilities, government/Court facilities, custom homes, restaurants, retail, church and religious facilities, and other general and special needs projects. Our clients include commercial developers, the D.O.D., D.O.E., T.S.A., USACE, State of Nevada, Clark County (NV), City of Las Vegas, municipalities, and corporations and commercial bankers, involving diverse projects ranging from new construction, tenant improvements (TI) and renovations/remodels, including doctors, surgeons, dentists, lawyers, CPA’s and accounting firms, banks and financial institutions, retail, and other business owners. We also have experience in LEED/Green projects.


As our inventory of services include Design-Build construction, Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction is also available and happy to work with you on all aspects of design as well as the actual construction project, if you like.
Design-Build can prove to be a highly cost effective alternative for you as the client. With the Design – Build Program, we also assist you in the design planning of your project, enabling us to assist you in transferring your vision, ideas and personal style into the blueprints and the pre-construction phase of your project.
We also discuss your budget and how best to use it while providing you as the client the opportunity to share your own vision and goals for the project, which enables us to incorporate those ideas and desires into the construction process.

Our Services and Capabilities

  • Over 19 Years of Experience
  • General Contracting
  • Industrial, Commercial and Residential Construction
  • Public and Private Sector Projects
  • Design – Build
  • Ground Up Construction
  • Tenant Improvements (TI)
  • Comprehensive rehabilitations/renovations/remodels
  • Project Management
  • LEED/Green Construction
  • Construction Management
  • Constructability Review
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Estimating

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We take pride in our work


Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction – A Benchmark of Outstanding Quality and Service

With over seventeen years of experience in both commercial and residential construction as well as tenant improvements and renovations/remodels, Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction is well known and respected for our unwavering benchmark of providing outstanding quality and service. Our services include commercial, industrial, and custom home residential construction, and our design-build services enable us to complete your project in a way that is efficient, cost-effective and on-time.

Commercial Construction
We have delivered quality commercial construction in Las Vegas, Southern Nevada and portions of the Southwest for well over a decade and a half, and our portfolio which is profiled on this website demonstrates the careful attention to detail which we have dedicated to each and every project. We specialize in building and renovating schools, development centers, airport facilities, retail buildings, religious and church buildings, restaurants, government and military structures, and much more.
With our design-build services, we can easily adapt a project to meet your specific criteria while staying within your budget and timeline. This approach also helps us work with you more closely to bring your vision to a successful completion. If you already have a design concept or formal plans, we can also assist you in translating that design concept and/or plans into a reality.
Whatever project you may have in mind, Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction is well prepared to provide the research, design, capability, expertise, and quality construction required to complete your project.

Custom Home Design & Construction
Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction is also very experienced in custom home design and construction. We can assist you from start to finish with complete design and construction of the home of your dreams. Please feel free to share with us your ideas for your family’s custom home in the “Tell Us About Your Upcoming Project” section of the website, and we’ll be in touch promptly to help you to transform your family’s thoughts, ideas and dreams into an exciting reality.

Tenant Improvement (TI) and Renovation/Remodeling Services
Not only does Benchmark Contracting, Inc. dba Cobblestone Construction provide ground up construction services, we also provide tenant improvement (TI) and commercial renovation/remodeling services.

Tenant Improvements (TI)
Many new restaurants, retail and office buildings begin as an empty “shell”, with only the four walls, one or two doors and windows, but without interior walls, flooring, ceilings, other finish work, plumbing, electrical, or other completed project components which would otherwise make it a completed building, ready for business. Of course, without these interior improvements that make it your own, it doesn’t serve its purpose. We can help you to transform that empty structure into your unique restaurant or other retail business, office building or facility, doctor’s office, dentist’s office, law office, bank or financial institution, or other small business office. In short, we make it yours, ready to welcome and serve your customers and clients, as well as for your employees. This is commonly referred to as the “build-out”, which may also be referred to as tenant improvements, or TI. We can help you to complete your project and have it ready to conduct business, on time and on budget.

Commercial Renovation/Remodeling Services
We can assist you with any manner of commercial renovation/remodeling services, including the following:
Interior commercial renovations/remodels to existing commercial buildings, hotels and offices to change their outdated appearance into an exciting and more spacious environment for your clients and customers, and a more positive and productive environment for your employees
Exterior commercial renovations/remodels to enhance the appearance and appeal of a tired building, restaurant, retail business, distribution center, industrial, shopping center or medical facility, making it fresh and up-to-date
If your plans call for an addition, we’ll make sure that your new addition melds perfectly into the existing building’s style and space
Multi-family properties for updating and repairing medical facilities, senior housing, apartment buildings or other tenant housing projects
We specialize in the following renovations/remodels – doctor’s offices and medical offices and facilities, dentist’s offices, restaurants, retail, schools and educational institutions, churches and religious facilities, banks and financial institutions, law offices, and other business offices and facilities.

Time Management of Your Project
Finally, time management is a key consideration for doing business, so we work with you and your business to arrive at a schedule, day or night, which causes the least amount of disruption to your regular operation during the term of the project. We also apply that same research, planning and dedication to working with you and members of your family, to ensure that you and your family are moved in and are enjoying your new custom home as scheduled.

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